The Investiture ceremony for the year 2016-17

The Investiture ceremony for the year 2016-17 had special spice during the entire ceremony of simplicity solemn and a dedicated commitment from the members.

As planned the Investiture ceremony was held on 27th June. The elected members of parliament marched into the school hall with complete confidence and enthusiasm, to take up their responsibilities.

The program began with a universal prayer which was said with much meaning and devotion. This was followed by the auspicious event of lighting of the lamp. The installation of office bearers took place in the midst of complete discipline. Participation was at its ultimo.

The newly elected Head Girl and Head Boy were interviewed briefly, during which they assured that maintaining discipline would be their first priority.

A video based on success in which the Indian actor Sharuk Khan shared on the topic concerning success.

The principal’s speech highlighted the area concerning duty and responsibility, which was very meaningful.

The program concluded by reciting the School Anthem.

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